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This is an archive of the CIoL Newsletters which goes back 14 years.
Although for 2006/7 there is only one newsletter respectively, should more become available they will be published at a later date. Click on a year in the drop down menu for the GS Newsletters for a year. The newsletters are in reverse order, and start with the latest issue.
The newsletters have had to be reformatted for this Website, which means there have been changes. The text content is the same but everything else has been removed, pictures, logo etc. The position of the page numbers corresponds to the original newsletters. Should an original newsletter, which is in pdf format including pictures etc, be required please apply to the webmaster.
The following Newsletters are available in pdf format on request:
2008.1 GS Newsletter January 2008.pdf
2008.2 GS newsletter April 2008.pdf
2008.3 GS newsletter July 2008.pdf
2008.4 GS Newsletter October.pdf
2009.01 January 2009 newsletter.pdf
2009.2 GS NLApril 2009.pdf
2009.3 August 2009 newsletter.pdf
2010.1 January 2010 newsletter.pdf
2010.2 March 2010 newsletter.pdf
2010.3 July 2010 newsletter.pdf
2010.4 September 2010 newsletter.pdf
2011.1 February  2011 newsletter.pdf
2011.2 April 2011.pdf
2011.3.GS newsletter October 2011.pdf
2012.1.GS newsletter Jan2012.pdf
2012.2.GS newsletter May2012.pdf
2012.3.GS newsletter Sept 2012.pdf
2013.1.GS newsletter Jan 2013.pdf
2013.2.GS newsletter May 2013.pdf
2013.3.GS newsletter October 2013.pdf
2014.1.GS newsletter January 2014
2014.2.GS newsletter Apr 2014
2014.3.GS newsletter July 2014
2014.4.GS newsletter October 2014
2015.1.GS newsletter January 2015
2015.2.GS newsletter April 2015
2015.3.GS newsletter September 2015
2016.1.GS newsletter January 2016
2016.2.GS newsletter March 2016
2016.3.GS newsletter September 2016
2017.1.GS newsletter January 2017